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Make delicious limoncello liqueur using rhubarb or fruits

The intensely flavored Italian limoncello liqueur recipe is made in Sorrento from lemons. However, the recipe adapts to many other fruits, such as strawberry and cherry, as well as rhubarb. All of these liqueurs are easily homemade in the same way as limoncello. First, you simply soak chopped fruit in vodka. Then, make a simple syrup (see easy recipe below) … …click to read more…

10 refreshing, easy pickling recipes for spring and early summer

Many of these easy pickling recipes make refreshing accompaniments for grilled and barbecued foods, or add a crunchy bite to burgers and sandwiches. They feature common (and a few unusual) vegetables and fruits found in spring and early summer home gardens and farmers’ markets. The techniques and flavors represent pickling ideas from around the globe. The word “pickles” to most … …click to read more…

Preserving rhubarb recipes include canning, pickling, drying, fermenting, and freezing


There are a surprising number of ways to preserve rhubarb, including canning, pickling, making jam or jelly, drying, freezing, or fermenting into wine. When preserving fruits and vegetables, use these guidelines: Mature, slightly underripe produce is optimal for canning, pickling, and jamming. Ripe produce is best for using fresh, drying and freezing. Overripe produce is suitable for fermenting. (And may … …click to read more…

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